Honey, Lemon & Almond Madeleines

Honey, Lemon & Almond Madeleines recipe
All photographs copyright © Heather Wilkinson 2012

Today is Bastille Day. I could tell you that’s why I decided to bake madeleines but it would be a big fib - it was actually pure coincidence.

I’d managed to get myself a couple of vintage Madeleine tins a few months ago and, despite my best intentions, they’ve just sat gathering dust in my kitchen. That is until today when I decided to ‘get my bake on’.

I based my recipe on this one from my beloved Little Paris Kitchen book by Rachel Khoo. 

In her recipe, Rachel uses raspberries and lemon curd, but I’m not one for sickly cakes so I decided to keep things simple with the addition of some roasted flaked almonds, scattered on the top just prior to baking.

You need to allow a bit of time to prepare the mixture, because the batter has to chill for a few hours before baking. Once the mixture is chilled, the madeleines bake really quickly. 

Perfect for lazy Sunday mornings, served warm from the oven with a fresh cup of coffee.

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