A 'real' burger photoshoot

All photographs copyright © Heather Wilkinson 2012

For a few months now there has been a bit of a buzz in Brighton about a new mobile catering business called The Troll's Pantry. I can usually take or leave a burger, but quality of the food at Trolls is so tempting that I’d dare even the most hardened health freak to turn them down. 

Paul, the owner of Trolls is on a mission to bring quality street food to the people of Brighton. All his burgers are handmade using locally produced 100% 35 day aged steak mince from ‘wild range’ grass-fed Sussex Longhorn Cattle. He also makes his own brioche burger buns – seriously! Most of the fillings are also sourced locally, one even includes Brighton's very own Small Batch Coffee.

I’m always happy to give a hand to local, ethically minded businesses when I can, so Paul and I recently organised a photoshoot of his latest range of burgers. Did you see the McDonald’s viral about why their burgers look nothing like the ones you actually get served? In terms of styling on this shoot, yes we were obviously careful to ensure each unique filling was visible at the front of the burger, but that’s it - cook, fill, shoot, eat. The burgers you see in the pictures are pretty much what you’ll get when you buy one!

Smoky Mountain Burger with Small Batch coffee, Ashdown Forester's smoked cheese, local smoked bacon & BBQ & rum sauce.

Troll's Pantry Trollcano Burger
The Trollcano with Sussex chilli marble cheese, fried chill pickles, bacon jam, Jessups oak smoked bacon & coffee, rum and chocolate

Troll's Stinky Breath Burger with garlic, anchovies, local hop beer, Molecombe blue cheese & crispy onion rings.

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